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Restaurant Phrases

Most of the Thai restaurants use actual names of the dishes but write them out in English which is great but if you don't know the dishes names then it is pretty much useless. So by knowing a few useful words can actually help you quickly find what you are looking forward to eating. I took a couple of Thai restaurant menus and came up with a few words which repeat itself multiple times. 

So next is cooking techniques essential to know if it is baked, fried, grilled or steamed. A list of few cooking techniques in Thai.

There are some few other words which doesn't come under any category

See if you can crack this below the Thai menu

Thai Restaurant Phrases

Pattaya, Thailand is known for its amazing food, and above would probably help you to identify what you would like to eat but then many local restauranteurs don't talk English, so what to do? Well! This following table might help you out. 

Hope you are happy with our Thailand Travel Guide

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