Top 10 Sexiest Working Bar Girls from Pattaya in 2020

We all go to Pattaya for one thing, to have a great time with a really good looking woman. But sometimes what happens, we are unsure which bar has the sexiest working woman. Right now after corona, we are all confused if the girls are still working in a bar or have become farmers. To clear that confusion and to help you out, I have made the top 10 list of who I think is the sexiest. Check it out and comment below if you have any suggestion

1. Tantra Agogo

2. The Pussy Club Soi 6

3. Seven Sins Bar Soi LK

4. Dolls Agogo

5. Repent Bar Soi 6

6. Crystal Club

7. Orange Bar Soi Chaiyapoon

8. Nature Bar Soi 6

9. Liquid Soi 6

10. Kawaii Bar Soi 6

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