What is Soi Made in Thailand in Pattaya?

If you have come to Pattaya, you would have probably heard of Soi Made in Thailand. I am sure you would have ignored this place because of the lack of information. First time I heard 'Soi Made in Thailand', I assumed it is a shopping market. So, what is Soi Made in Thailand?

The Soi Made in Thailand located between the 2nd road and Soi Buakhao, is a candy land for party goers and for those who love adult stuff. A stretch of around 150 meters has more bars than Soi 6 with more than 300 girls. These bars vary from girl bars to karaoke bars with great offers on food, drinks and entertainment. The drinks are cheap and even the bar fines.

The Soi Made in Thailand drinks is rated around 49 baht to 79 baht per beer and around 150-200 baht for a lady drink. The bar fine is about 300 baht, and you can get a girl for as less as 1000 baht long time depending on your negotiation skills. Probably 2000 baht is the max you can go for a long time.

I think until people really discover this place, it gonna remain the same as above and hope this post doesn't go too famous.

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